Saturday, September 23, 2006

Photos of Lake Nam-tso

Here they are, some pictures from Lake Nam-tso (纳木错).

I lost my war in fighting with the google blog composer, so I give up writing comments on each image.

Long story short, I had good luck for having good weather on the day I went to the lake, and it snowed in the Nam-tso area a week before I been there, so mountains were covered by snow, very nice. However, my luck ends here -- it became a bit cloudy later on and they blocked the golden lights in sunset and sunrise. What a pity!

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Lake Nam-tso (9/21 - 9/22)

Finished a trip to Lake Nam-tso today. It was a 2-day trip. That place is awesome, much better than what I expected. Unfortunately, I cannot upload pictures from this internet cafe in Lhasa, so can't share with you the beauty. And the most beautiful thing from the trip is I now know I have been fully adjusted to the high altitute already -- I could even run at the lake-shore of Nam-tso, at 4750m above sea level. This is a really good sign, it bords well for my Kora to Mt. Kailash.

Tomorrow will begin the real part of my tibet trip -- going to Ngari (阿里). The trip does not have a good begining though -- the travel agency that in charge of my Land Cruiser rental screws up big time. Too many accidents, and the final result is, I will go for another agency, but the 4x4 won't take me to Xinjiang, it will take me to Ali (Shi Chu He, the captial of Ngari), and pass me to another car (a mini-van), the mini-van will take me to Kashgar (喀什), Xinjiang.

Also, the campanion of my trip, Joseph, decided to drop off from the trip, after taking my suggestion. He did not do well in Lhasa these days, especially last night, he could not sleep at all in Nam-tso, due to AMS. So it will back to square one -- I will finish my trip all by myself!!! :P

BTW, it may be strange to you guys, I found the perfect matched music for Nam-tso is Verdi's Requiem! There are so many untoldable feeling make me brought out my MP3 and played this music over and over again, when I was comunicating with the mother nature.

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